Our team actively identifies and implements low-carbon investments, and assists governments in developing 'enabling environments' for promoting them (i.e. mobilizing financial, technical and capacity building support). The current focus of our portfolio is in the Caribbean region.

We have a wealth of multi-sectoral, -national, and -cultural experience.
Apart from our global experience we bring several carbon market-related assets with us:
About Us
We provide technical, policy and business advice relevant to low-carbon development in all sectors.
We provide finance and investment development solutions that produce profits for our clients and environmental benefits to countries of the Caribbean region and, in the climate context, the world.
Our services focus on monetizing carbon assets through project development and implementation, advice, and engineering services.
Two registered CDM Programmes of Activity (PoAs), the Petrotrin Oil Fields Associated Gas Recovery and Utilization PoA and the RE2Grid PoA, both of which offer opportunities for project developers in the region; and
The Caribbean Carbon Pricing Initiative (CCPI) concept being developed for the region in partnership with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT)-follow the CCPI link on the right for more.
Caribbean countries say no to carbon taxes

Caribbean Carbon Pricing Initiative (CCPI)


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