Regional dialogue on carbon pricing

CFS, together with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA), collaborated with the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre St George’s in organizing and holding the Caribbean regional dialogue on carbon pricing instruments, held in Grenada 02-03 Oct 2017.

The dialogue aimed to:
• Raise awareness on the use and benefits of market instruments;
• Gain a better understanding of current supporting initiatives;
• Exchange views on elements of a potential regional approach;
• Collect ideas regarding expectations and planned levels of engagement;
• Increase involvement in discussions on market instruments;
• Develop a general understanding of how market instrument(s) could operate;
• Identify potential to develop (a) new market instrument(s) for the region.

One of the key findings from discussions: carbon market solutions are preferred to carbon taxes! Only two countries (Jamaica and Barbados) are considering the latter.
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